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Have you had storm damage to your property? We will give you a free inspection, and help you through the process of the insurance claim. Call us today and we will get started.

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Menards Contractor Event

Starting today through Thursday our people will be at Menards in Elk River for a local contractor event.  Come and see us, discuss your project and meet your next contractor!

Update from Integrity Exteriors

It has been a while since we have given you any updates, and that is going to change.  We have been busy completing a lot of jobs from the past and recent storms as well as some remodeling jobs.  Hope everything is going well for you!  Anyway, we are not too busy to do some roofs before winter falls here in Minnesota, so give us a call and we will get something set up for you.  our number again:  763-753-2246

We have had some really high winds and hail in some of the recent storms, so let us give you a free inspection and see if there is storm damage that would merit an insurance claim.  763-753-2246

Fall is Here!

Got Hail

Fall is almost here, and with the change of seasons comes storms.  In Minnesota we typically get major storms in the spring and again in the fall.  This year has been a stormy year, and in between hail storms, we have seen major wind storms as well.  If you have been in one of the major storm paths, this would be the time to schedule an inspection.  If there is snow on your roof, the insurance adjusters will not come out until spring.  So if you suspect damage, call Integrity Exteriors for a FREE inspection by our local insurance storm specialists.

In the last week we have gotten large hail in the Big Lake/Elk River area, and would love to serve you in any way that we can.  Call us today at 763-753-2244 and we will schedule an appointment.

We now have a representative up in Baxter, MN, so we welcome Jeremy Leonard to our team!  He is an experienced professional that has been working with storm claims since 2006 and would be happy to help you with your claim anywhere in the Brainerd/Nisswa area.  Our number for Brainerd is 218-270-9944.

Another word about the approaching winter…  Make sure that you have adequate insulation and venting for your roof, to prevent possible ice dams.  If you would like someone to look at that, we do provide spray foam insulation and can give you a quote.  More on that later…

Wind Damage to Roof or Siding

wind damaged roof

Wind Damaged Roof

Wind Damaged Siding

We have seen a number of weather events in the last few weeks.  One was huge hail in the Nisswa area, up to 4 inch by the National Weather Service.  However, I believe that it was larger than that.  I saw one car with a hole in the windshield that a basket ball could have fit through.  However, the hail was not the only story.  We had high winds up to 70 mph along with the hail, and the high winds alone could cause major damage to a house’s exterior roof or siding.  I am showing a couple of pictures to the right of houses with major damage caused by high winds.

“Every thunderstorm has a straight-line burst of wind,” says Walt Zaleski, a National Weather Service meteorologist. “At 50 to 60 mph, you start seeing damage to homes — trees toppling, power lines coming down, debris blown from your neighbor’s house.”

After a storm passes, check with your insurance company and a local contractor to assess any damages from wind, hail or other sources.  If a tree falls on your home, get out of the house and call a contractor to make temporary repairs.

Some of the obvious signs of damage by wind are if shingles are missing, laying on the ground, or siding or fascia is missing or loose.  Check to see if you have any leaks anywhere.  If flashing around vents or chimney is damaged, you could have water damage from a leak.

Consider calling Integrity Exteriors & Remodelers (a licensed general contractor) to see if the damage is more than just a few shingles missing.  If it is structural, you will need more than a roof replacement, and we can help you with that.  Please stay safe.  Avoid going up on the roof yourself.

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Color Palettes

Now that you have made the decision to replace your roof, there are some things that you have to decide on like the materials that you will use and the color selection.  The most popular materials are asphalt shingles.  You don’t want your home to stick out like a sore thumb, and you do want it to blend into your environment, making it attractive and adding to the resell value of your home.

One of the popular shingles that homeowners choose are Timberline HD shingles by GAF, and some of their colors are:

GAF Colors for Timberline HD


One thing that might be helpful is an online simulator, so that you can visually see what the colors and styles might look like together.  Here are a few virtual home remodeling links.  These links will open in a new window.